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New Services Launched

During this week our volunteers and staff have been working hard to deliver the service in new ways.  Our homeworking system started officially on Monday; as we get to grips with the unfamiliar technology, we are now seeing a rapid increase in the numbers of people we can help.  We expect this trend to continue to grow during the coming week, as phone, email and call back appointments are expanded.

Our volunteer and staff teams are committed to making sure the local community is supported and can access the critical advice required.  We are also working closely with the Rushmoor Covid response team to ensure we are aware of services for us to refer clients to; and that other partners can also easily refer to us.

We have updated our website today to reflect the new services we are offering, including our new Nepali Language Adviceline.  For vulnerable people unable to access mainstream services provided in English, it is important that they are able to talk to someone in their own language to access the help, support and advice they need.  A local number of 01252 894280 has been set up for this.

We will continue to review, improve and expand our systems for service delivery, and are committed to reaching those in need of advice during this challenging period for everyone.  We want to ensure we are working with all partners to get people the help that they need; and to help everyone stay safe.  Please use our contact form for feedback if you are having trouble accessing help; or to request advice directly.