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Leave a Legacy

A gift in your will is an investment in our charity’s future.

Citizens Advice Rushmoor’s services are more in demand today than ever before.

And, as we move into the future, that demand looks set to grow even further. Any gift, however small, will help to ensure that we are still here for your family and friends, and their children and grandchildren, now and for years to come.


Your will

Every adult should have a will, regardless of their age, income, or wealth – it’s the only way of ensuring your wishes are met after your death.

If you already have a will, it’s a simple process to change it to include a gift.

If you don’t have a will, having one written is a lot easier than you might think – more information about writing a will can be found on our national website.

Your gift

As a local charity, we rely on the generosity of members of the public – people like you. Gifts left to charities in wills, usually known as legacies, don’t need to be large. Even a small percentage of your estate, left as a gift, can make a big difference to the help we can offer.

None of us can predict what problems our families and friends – and their children and grandchildren – may face in the future. They might have money difficulties, a relationship breakdown, or ill-health. They might have a disability, face an employment dispute, or become a victim of discrimination. At Citizens Advice Rushmoor, we are determined to make sure that whatever problems they face in the future, they don’t have to face them alone.

Take care of your family and loved ones and help us to take care of our community’s future – now, and for years to come, by leaving a gift in your will.

You can find lots of further information and guidance on how to leave a gift to charity in your will on the ‘Remember a Charity’ website.


If you’re thinking about leaving a gift in your will to Citizens Advice Rushmoor, please speak to your solicitor, or get in touch with us:

[email protected]