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Meet our trustees:

    Mark Chatterton (Chair)

A former senior officer with Hampshire Constabulary, Mark brings extensive knowledge of the local area, along with leadership and strategic skills.

  Brian Cottrell (Treasurer)

A qualified CPFA Accountant, Brian brings a wealth of charity finance experience, as well as accountancy experience across the public and charity sectors.


  Gerry Baker

Gerry brings a lifetime of experience in financial services, which gives him great insight and appreciation of Pension Wise.  He also chairs our Health and Safety Committee.

  Donna Bone

Donna’s experience as a leader in the local charity sector gives her a unique insight into our organisation and people issues, alongside our resourcing challenges.

  Anne Fillis

As a qualified accountant, Anne brings a wealth of experience of public sector and health service governance, ideally positioning her as Chair of our Audit Committee.

  Cllr Frank Rust

Frank is one of our longest serving Board members; as a former County Councillor, and an active member of the local community, he brings a huge range of knowledge to his role.

 Rev Malcolm Cummins

As a pastor of a local church, Malcolm’s commitment to the local community is underpinned by a wealth of leadership experience, both locally and nationally.

 Marybeth Quaintmere

Marybeth brings a wealth of experience in the public sector to the organisation, including award winning skills in developing customer service.

 Andrew Levey

Andrew brings substantial management experience in financial services, together with in depth people management and learning & development knowledge. Accordingly he is leading the implementation of our people strategy.